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74102-363-51 7410236351 Allen Bradley AB Servo Drive Board

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Место происхождения: США
Фирменное наименование: Allen-Bradley
Сертификация: CO.CQ
Номер модели: 74102-363-51
Оплата и доставка Условия:
Количество мин заказа: 1
Цена: inquiry
Упаковывая детали: новый и первоначальный с загерметизированной фабрикой
Время доставки: сегодня
Условия оплаты: T/T
Поставка способности: 10 частей день

Подробная информация

Описание: Ален-Брэдли Тип: 74102-363-51
Время выполнения: В наличии Условие: НЭВ100%
Год изготовления: 2020 Грузить мимо: DHL/UPS/EMS/FEDEX/TNT или агент etc
применение: Атомная электростанция Вес: 4льбс
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Servo Drive Board


AB 74102-363-51

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74102-363-51 7410236351 Allen Bradley AB Servo Drive Board


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Brand/Manufacturer   Allen Bradley/USA
Part Number


Alternate Part Number   74102-363-51
Description   MOTOR SERVO


Weight   1.25kg


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Non-ferrous Industry Capability


The sintering method and the Bayer process are currently the main methods for industrial production of alumina.

Most of the alumina produced is produced by Bayer process.

The Bayer-sintering hybrid method was first created, which greatly improved the total recovery of alumina.

With the continuous improvement of production technology, some new production methods such as lime Bayer method and beneficiation Bayer method are continuously applied to production.


The integrated process control system is a distributed control system.

The system consists of eight process control subsystems (workshop) for raw material grinding, lime digestion, dissolution, sedimentation, seed filtration, evaporation, product filtration, and roasting.

Each workshop has an engineering station EWS and 2-3 operator stations OPS.

The data collection, real-time monitoring, data processing and other information transmission of the internal process parameters of the workshop are realized by the EtherNet/IP control network.

The main production operations of the entire alumina plant are completed by these eight subsystems, each controlled by a ControlLogix controller.


The information layer of the integrated process control system uses EtherNet/IP Industrial Ethernet.

Transfer the information of the above eight workshops to the whole plant production information dispatching center via Ethernet.

The center has two servers SERVER1, SERVER2 and two operating stations OPS1, OPS2, using the factory machine SE Factory.

Centralized monitoring, control and management of the entire plant production process.


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74102-363-51 7410236351 Allen Bradley AB  Servo Drive Board 0

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